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White Nights Ballets



.Season 2016

Our White Nights Ballets promises the dance lover a beautiful and exciting ballet treat!


Giselle 2 - Original choreography by Martin Sierra.
A contemporary ballet work based on the story of Giselle. Show casing the stunning classical ballet technique, diversity, artistry, line and skill of the company artists performing in beautiful white romantic tutus.

Symphonic Ballet - By Gerladine Lett

Classical ballet at its finest showcasing the skill, line and artistry of the classical ballet dancer.

Tango Ballet - By Martin Sierra

Passion, desire, and thrilling technical skill best describes this masterpiece! Premiered in 2013 and has since achieved wide acclaim for this outstanding contemporary ballet work.


Concerto - By Michelle Sierra

Based on the piano keys on white & black and the melodys and harmonies portrayed in between notes. A beautiful and pure classical ballet delight to the score of Mendelssohns pional concertos nos 1 & 3. A spectacular peformance of pointe work, tutus, lines, and outstanding technical skill performed by the stars of VSB.

‘I adored every second and was completely overwhelmed’

Dance Informa


‘This demonstrated the absolute power Melbourne Dance Theatre has over the creative dance Industry in Australia’



‘Every aspect of the performance excelled, a work to remember for years to come’

Dance Australia


‘Passion, energy and elegance, a sheer delight! Well crafted and beautifully choreographed by Martin and Michelle Sierra with passion, energy and elegance, a sheer delight!’

Adelaide Fringe

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