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Announcing Auditions for 2022


When: Sunday 26th September 2021

Venue: Online, via Zoom

Times: 9:30am - 1:30pm

The 2022 annual auditions for Company contracts and our Pre-Professional & Graduate Apprentice Programs will now take place online on Sunday 26th September 2021 due to COVID restrictions in Melbourne, Victoria.


The audition will consist of a warm-up/stretch then classical ballet class including: barre work, centre work, port de bras and adagio, allegro, male technique including tours a la seconde and tours en l'air and very basic pointe work for females.  Interviews will be conducted directly after the class for those selected. ZOOM links will be sent to each candidate selected after the audition class for a personal interview. 


Interested applicants for both the company and VSB training programs will need to register by completing the online form, paying the audition fee and emailing his/her dance shots. Company applicants must also forward their CV. 


On receipt of registration a ZOOM link for both the audition class and interview will be forwarded to each applicant via email. Registration can be done via the VSB website and then must be emailed to 


We are still accepting digital auditions for those not available on Sunday 26th September to participate in the online audition class due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please follow the guidelines on the website for the required digital material for both training program and company applicants. 

Digital Audition Instructions:

If you wish to audition via a pre-recorded video, please refer to the following instructions on how to prepare your audition:

Digital Audition Instructions

The closing date for Digital Auditions is Friday the 24th of September, 2021.


Application Forms:


To audition for a position in the Company (via Zoom or Digital Audition) please fill out the following application form, and send it to

Company Audition Application Form

To audition for a position in the Pre-Professional Program (via Zoom or Digital Audition) please fill out the following application form, and send it to

Pre-Professional Program Audition Application Form

Further information on the Pre-Professional Program:

For more information about the VSB Pre-Professional Program, please see the following document, or check out the Pre-Professional Program page on this website.

Images by Sasha Kane

Pre-Professional Program Information