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Following sold out seasons, we are delighted to bring this timeless and most loved fairy tale classic to our audiences again.


Featuring internationally recognised artists in leading roles. A rich display of outstanding skill. The story is retold through excellent staging, simple and direct mime, superb classical ballet technique and choreography which honour the spirit of this great classical work - promising to be an inspiring, entertaining and memorable experience for the whole family!

The Victorian State Ballets ‘Cinderella’ features a cast of the highest standard of outstanding classical ballet artists carefully assembled from across Australia and abroad.  The choreography is rich with virtue, sensibility, grace, intrigue and outstanding skill. Our version of 'Cinderella' endeavours to immerse the audience right in amidst the fairytale classic in a profound experience that is exhilarating, impacting and visually inspiring.

This fresh vibrant choreography featuring VSB's leading ballerina in the title role, with VSB's leading male artist as her prince. Don’t miss out on exhilarating solos and pas de deuxs from the stunning couple and their very moving and ultimate happily ever after final scene!  This is classical ballet at its finest! Don’t miss out on experiencing this amazing production!


‘I adored every second and was completely overwhelmed’

Dance Informa


‘This demonstrated the absolute power the Victorian State Ballet has over the creative dance Industry in Australia’



‘Every aspect of the performance excelled, a work to remember for years to come’

Dance Australia


‘Passion, energy and elegance, a sheer delight! Well crafted and beautifully choreographed by Michelle Sierra'

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