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Season 2015.

Featuring internationally recognized principal artists in the lead roles.


Victorian State Ballet's production of "Giselle" is a beautiful rendition of this most perfect of ballets. Considered as one of the greatest of romantic ballets, its romance and beauty has mesmerized audiences for hundreds of years. The story is retold through excellent staging, simple and direct mime, superb classical ballet technique and choreography which honour the spirit of this great classical work.


 Take advantage of this unique and opportunity. Bring family and friends along to experience the sheer delight and beauty of Classical Ballet. Appropriate for all ages.


"The choreography displayed athleticism in falls and floor work, and contortions in leg and upper body extension. The work was highly rehearsed for these technical aspects"

 **** Dance Informa


"The dancers are to be commended for their energy and endurance and the work was mostly engaging ….a group of disciplined dancers with outstanding technical skills" 

 **** Dance Australia


"The show was amazing, the dancers had the ability to draw you in to their world"

 ****  Dancetrain



"The movements were graceful and elegant and related to the story line extremely well" 

  **** Dancehub

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