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GABRIEL is a powerful work, unforgettably performed by the artists of the Victorian State Ballet. This work is a perfect blend of contemporary dance, classical ballet and Martin Sierra's unique neo expressionist style. GABRIEL explores the nature of this fascinating figure. There are times when we have experienced sadness, anxiety or great loneliness. A friendly gesture and words of encouragement can help us to move on. Directors Martin & Michelle Sierra, together with the artists of the Victorian State Ballet, embrace a choreography rich with emotion, virtue, sensibility, history, intrigue and challenge.


GABRIEL is an innovative and sheer delight of flowing movement, skill and texture. A must see!


Using the dancers' movements and emotions, GABRIEL creates a juxtaposed combination of harmonious dancing sequences with broken and interrupted movements which at the end creates new beauty. GABRIEL is a work that explores how this incredible art can be translated into dance. Through a cast of specially selected dancers, we endeavour to bring to the stage an innovative dance work that is designed especially for the Adelaide 2017 Fringe. GABRIEL strives to deeply engage audiences and bring them to a place of reflection and hope, to see their lives in a positive, valuable and hopeful light. Together with a cast of selected dancers, Victorian State Ballet is proud to bring to Adelaide Fringe 2017 an impacting & inspiring evening of dance.  


This fresh vibrant choreography is an innovative new work spoken in a language of neo-expressionism and a fusion of diverse contemporary dance disciplines. Influenced by the German Expressionist Dance background - ‘Ausdrucktanz’ mixed with intricate partnering, fluid classical ballet and contemporary dance fusion, the Victorian State Ballet produces a unique contemporary trade brand self named as the ’21st Century Dance of Expression’.




.Season 2016

‘I adored every second and was completely overwhelmed’

Dance Informa


‘This demonstrated the absolute power the Victorian State Ballet has over the creative dance Industry in Australia’



‘Every aspect of the performance excelled, a work to remember for years to come’

Dance Australia


‘Passion, energy and elegance, a sheer delight! Well crafted and beautifully choreographed by Martin and Michelle Sierra with passion, energy and elegance, a sheer delight!’

Adelaide Fringe

Bek & Michael in white
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